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The Illinois Product Stewardship Council (ILPSC) is a coalition of public and private entities including local governments, state governments, businesses, environmental groups, NGOs, solid waste agencies, associations, and individuals in Illinois. The Product Stewardship Institute (PSI) serves as coordinator for this Council.

The mission of the ILPSC is to shift the product waste management system in Illinois from one focused on government-funded and ratepayer-financed waste diversion to one that relies on producer responsibility in order to reduce public costs, increase opportunities for waste minimization and resource recovery, raise recycling rates, and drive improvements in product design that promote environmental sustainability. As a significant consequence of this evolution the green jobs sector will continue to grow, offering an increasing number of in-state recycling industry jobs. The Illinois Product Stewardship Council will work to integrate the principles of product stewardship into the policy and economic structures of Illinois including the Illinois Solid Waste Management Plan. 

The objectives of the ILPSC are to

  • Provide a forum for the exchange of ideas and information regarding existing and proposed EPR programs;
  • Provide effective leadership on product stewardship initiatives in the region;
  • Educate elected officials and other decision makers on the benefits of product stewardship;
  • Coordinate, support, or participate in product stewardship initiatives locally, regionally, and nationally; and
  • Develop and recommend Product Stewardship policies and educational tools to organizations, institutions, businesses, governments, state legislatures, and legislators.

The ILPSC will operate as an unincorporated association and will be comprised of Members and Partners.

Members: Members actively participate in meetings, serve on committees, and vote on matters before the Council. ILPSC has set no sector-based restrictions on membership, ensuring that all interested parties located in Illinois have an opportunity to be involved. Voting rights are reserved for members that:

a.       Maintain annual membership or partnership with the national Product Stewardship Institute (PSI);

b.      Support the ILPSC mission, Principles of EPR and sign the Letter of Agreement;

c.       Commit staff time to ILPSC activities, projects, meetings, and conference calls; and

d.      Make decisions, establish rules, and are authorized to act on behalf of the Council in accordance with the Structure and Process section of this agreement.

PartnersPartners may actively participate in meetings and serve on committees. Partners are not allowed to vote on matters before the Council. Any interested individual or organization located in Illinois is invited to be a Partner, provided that they:

a.       Support the ILPSC mission, Principles of EPR and sign the Letter of Agreement; and

b.      Commit staff time to ILPSC activities, projects, meetings, and conference calls.


Members: Members commit to the following:

Meetings: Members will attend and participate (in person or by phone) in monthly ILPSC meetings.  In cases where members cannot attend the meetings, they should notify the coordinator and attempt to provide a replacement representative for the meeting.  Members must participate in at least half the meetings held the previous year to retain standing on the Council. ILPSC meeting agendas are sent out for review in advance. All members shall review meeting minutes that are sent out after each meeting. 

Projects: Members will form and participate actively in Project Subcommittees; propose, review, approve, and participate in activities and projects conducted in the name of ILPSC; and develop an annual work plan that outlines goals and projects for the year.

Chair/ Co-chair:  A chair or co-chairs will be elected from the member body at the beginning of each year.  Co-chairs ensure continuity when one may need to relinquish the role. The chair(s) will represent ILPSC on general correspondence and communications. The chair(s) will assist subcommittees, respond to inquiries, and work to shepherd ILPSC related projects. The chair(s) may also serve as coordinator of meetings, call votes on issues, or otherwise fulfill functions currently provided by the coordinator, upon Council directive.

Partners: Partners are stakeholders that wish to be kept apprised of ILPSC initiatives through periodic email alerts, periodically attend ILPSC meetings and may participate in project subcommittee work.  Any individual or organization that endorses the ILPSC mission and signs the ILPSC Letter of Agreementis invited to be a Partner.

Project SubcommitteesProject Subcommittees are comprised of Council members and partners that focus their work on specific commodities or materials (such as electronics, paint, carpet, pharmaceuticals/sharps or batteries) to encourage product stewardship or EPR within that particular sector, or that focus on cross-cutting issues or functions that advance the mission of the Council (such as education, purchasing policies, local initiatives, or framework legislation).  Subcommittee chairs will be assigned to coordinate each Project Subcommittee.  Subcommittees will meet independently of the Council and will provide updates on their activities and recommendations at regularly held Council meetings for review and action, if required.

Coordinator: The Product Stewardship Institute will provide leadership to the Council, develop and recommend EPR and Product Stewardship policy, and facilitate coordination with other EPR and product stewardship activities. Coordinator services, as prescribed in the scope of work, developed jointly by PSI and the ILPSC, and approved by the Council, will include such things as

a.       Coordination, facilitation, and organizational development of the Illinois Product Stewardship Council;

b.      Technical policy and product-specific support;

c.       PSI membership and partnership benefits; and

d.      Administration, including budget tracking and quarterly progress updates.

Contact the ILPSC at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.